[vlc-devel] Re: Update: Mac OS X audio patch

Jean-Alexis Montignies ja at sente.ch
Tue Jul 6 23:21:41 CEST 2004

It worked great on my setup!

Motu 828 mkII , I tried all the speaker configs. (The configs for 3F1R 
2F1R were not there, but then it would give a 20 lines menu :), not the 
greatest interface).
For me it's a go.

Did anyone tested this on a G5 with optical out configured to output 


On 2 juil. 04, at 09:57, Mark Wells wrote:

> I sent the following email yesterday afternoon, but for some reason it 
> didnt come through on the list. I have removed the attachment incase 
> this was the problem. Therefore if anyone wants the code then let me 
> know where to send it!
> Mark
> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: Mark Wells <mark.wells at oxsemi.com>
>> Date: 1 July 2004 15:13:54 BST
>> To: vlc-devel at videolan.org
>> Subject: Update: Mac OS X audio patch
>> Attached is my latest offering - an update to Matt Romaine's OS X 
>> audio patch. Main functionality includes:
>> 1) Fixed selection on the "Audio Device" submenu so now when you 
>> select an option, it actually changes the output format to reflect 
>> the selected option. (Previously, audio would be played in one format 
>> only. all available formats were correctly detected, and changing the 
>> selection on the audio option menu worked, but did not actually 
>> change the output format!)
>> 2) Added 5-channel option to Open() so that 3F2R is available. (Matt 
>> added 3F2R detection in ChannelsToAoutVar() but there was no initial 
>> 5-channel hardware detection so this menu option would previously 
>> never happen)
>> 3) Bug fix so that where multiple devices supporting the same number 
>> of channels are connected to the system they can be selected 
>> individually (Previously, selecting "stereo" would indicate in the 
>> menus that every stereo-capable device was selected)
>> 4) Error message in InitDevice: "Something may be wrong with physical 
>> format indexing!" Downgraded to a warning message because during 
>> testing with my G5's internal device I was getting this error message 
>> popup, while there is perfect audio playback. I have not looked into 
>> this issue extensively to see in what circumstances this message 
>> should occur, but based on my testing it appears when the audio 
>> stream is actually OK :o)
>> If you have the available hardware then please test this module. I 
>> have tested mainly with AC3 content, because I understand from 
>> Jean-Alexis that the plan is to eventually implement OS X audio using 
>> the HALOutputUnit (like Xine) but that approach will not support 
>> direct stream output....so this module will still be required even 
>> when the new one comes along.
>> Something else to note is I have been working directly off Matt's 
>> patch, which used the 20040524 snapshot. I notice that DJ updated 
>> coreaudio.c in revision 8084 on 28 June, so bear in mind that this 
>> copy of coreaudio.c DOES NOT include his updates (whatever they 
>> were...) I guess if necessary I can integrate the two copies....that 
>> depends how useful this patch is to everyone.
>> I have tried to comment my changes well, but if there are any 
>> questions then just shout! Other feedback/suggestions welcome, 
>> although I am not certain how much more time I will have available to 
>> continue on this module.
>> Mark
>> ----------------------------------
>> Mark Wells
>> Oxford Semiconductor Ltd
>> 25 Milton Park, Abingdon, OX14 4SH, UK
> ----------------------------------
> Mark Wells
> Oxford Semiconductor Ltd
> 25 Milton Park, Abingdon, OX14 4SH, UK
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