[vlc-devel] DirectShow Input Problem on Current Builds of VLC

Mark Moriarty mfmbusiness at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 16 01:41:52 CEST 2004

First, apologies if this is the wrong mailing list, as opposed to VLC -- I'm
not sure which one it would fall under.
Windows 2000 (and WinXP), fully patched, directX 9.0B.
The pre-release 0.7.2 Windows files through at least March worked fine with
the Osprey 210 framegrabber.  The release package, however, does not.
I poked at the source code and it looks like the late March builds were
using access\dshow files from 5 March.  There were then updates to the dshow
files (dshow and filter) in April and again in May.

When I do a build of the current subversion (pre-release 0.7.3) with the
early April dshow files, it looks like VLC is at least getting somewhere
talking to the Osprey, to the extent that it hits several Capture functions;
it does end up exiting, not able to display the video.  The later, 5 May
versions of the dshow files don't get that far -- they immediately generate
a message stating that the osprey dll is something that cannot be decoded.

The Osprey is from Viewcast -- as far as I can tell it really does have good
DirectX compatibility, was  recommended to me by several commercial video
vendors as a good card with 640x480 resolution.

I posted detailed Message logs in the VLC area of the forum -- a thread with
Directshow and Osprey in the title.  It is at:

I wouldn't mind reverting back to the 5 March version of dshow files, if
that gets me to a working DirectShow input again.  Unfortunately, it looks
like there was other code change occurring -- If I drop the 5 March files
into a current release there is an error in the compile (the error is shown
in the forum thread).  It may just mean having to adjust a variable type
declaration in the 5 March dshow files, I'm not sure.

It looks like there's at least one other Osprey person stuck, and another
person is also reporting dshow-related issues with the post-0.7.1 VLC
builds, someone using a non-Osprey grabber.

Thoughts/comments appreciated.


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