[vlc-devel] Fedora 2 RPMs on RHEL3 and vlc source rpm missing (was Re: Re: Fedora 2 RPMS)

Torsten Spindler spindler at hbt.arch.ethz.ch
Mon Jun 21 20:57:56 CEST 2004


I tried to install the vlc-0.7.2 on RHEL3, but without --nodeps as
some files are missing:

        libasound.so.2 is needed by vlc-0.7.2-1
        libXinerama.so.1 is needed by vlc-0.7.2-1

With rpm --nodeps it seems to work. On fedora core 2 it installed smoothly.

Is it possible to get the source rpm for vlc-0.7.2? I think with minor
adaptions it will be possible to make one on RHEL3 so it installs without


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