[vlc-devel] Pending libcdio 0.69 release

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Wed Jun 23 04:17:25 CEST 2004

Kind folks:

Another release (0.69) of libcdio is imminent. Each release is sort of
important in that it fixes (and maybe hides a little) the major gaps
of the prior releases. (But there are often many gaps and many I know
about that remain.)

A candidate tarball is here:

Although I have been and will be testing this on a number of OS's that
I have available (but often without direct CD access) I'd appreciate
it if those who can do so to try this out to verify that things
haven't regressed.

Here's what's new in 0.69

- Add interface returning drive capabilities (cdio_get_drive_cap).
- Minimal cdrdao image reading (thanks to Svend S. Sorensen)
- Some important (I think) bug fixes
- Redo types of lsn and lba to allow negative values. Should model MMC3
  specs. Add max/min values for lsn.
- More complete MMC command set
- FreeBSD drive reading works better (thanks to Heiner)
- OSX drive reading works better (thanks to Justin F. Hallett)
- cd-read allows dumping bytes to stdout and hexdumps to a file
  via options --no-hexdump and --hexdump
- better NRG reading (thanks to Michael Kukat via extractnrg.pl)
- better tracking of allocated variables (cd-read, cd-info, FreeBSD)
- Add interface to read PVD and pick out some of the fields in that.

And here's what's not scheduled to be fixed in 0.69 but probably will be
in 0.70:
  OSX drive capabilities not implemented 
  More complete implementation of cdrdao 
    (tracks are in multiple files, zero-filled tracks directives)

Lastly, let me apologize for the haphazard mailing list. The libcdio
project is currently hosted on Savannah allegedly is going away. As
such doesn't allow for new mailing lists (such as would probably be
appropriate here) to get created.

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