[vlc-devel] Re: MPEG-2-TS bug.

Peter Kjellerup Rasmussen pkr at daimi.au.dk
Sat Jun 26 22:26:10 CEST 2004

Christophe Massiot wrote:

> À (At) 0:09 +0200 26/06/04, Peter Kjellerup Rasmussen écrivait (wrote) :
>>> Where does this stream come from ? Looks like the PCRs are wrong, 
>>> they are in the past and this confuses the decoder.
>> It is being sent from an apache webserver. I have tried this on both 
>> apache 1.3.x and 2.x.
> That's not the point. What did generate the stream ?
Oh, it was recorded using a Sony DCR-IP7E camcorder.


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