[vlc-devel] Re: about live.com and sdp again

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live.com
Fri Mar 5 19:28:33 CET 2004

At 06:43 AM 3/5/04, you wrote:
>I asked a while back about the proper way to handle sdp with strange thing
>in them. I took my time to find an example:
>o=peppar 234 234 IN IP4
>s=CDT - MPEG4/DivX Test
>i=Test of MPEG4/DivX via multicast. Needs special version of Marratech Pro.
>e=Peter Parnes <peppar at cdt.luth.se>
>t=0 0
>m=video 7438 RTP/AVP 96
>c=IN IP4
>m=application 62344 SRRTP mstarcontrol
>c=IN IP4
>Can stuff like this be supported? by ignoring the mstarcontrol part?

Yes, you may need to remove the lines

>m=application 62344 SRRTP mstarcontrol
>c=IN IP4

because they're non-standard Marratech-proprietary stuff.

However, there's also a problem with the video stream specification:

>m=video 7438 RTP/AVP 96
>c=IN IP4

The problem here is that "96" is a dynamic RTP payload code, which means 
that there needs to be a subsequent "a=rtpmap:" line that defines which 
specific video codec uses this code.  Are you sure that there's no line like
         a=rtpmap:96 <video-codec-name>
somewhere in the SDP description?  You will need to have such a line in 
order to play this stream.

	Ross Finlayson

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