[vlc-devel] a few SVN tips

Sam Hocevar sam at zoy.org
Sat Mar 6 18:05:58 CET 2004

   Here are a few tips about Subversion usage that I gathered. If you
have your own useful tips, feel free to contribute to this thread.

 * repository layout

   There are three directories at the root: trunk, branches, tags. The
trunk directory is similar to the HEAD branch in CVS: it contains the
most recent vlc tree. The branches and tags directories contains copies
of the trunk at different times.

   Never download a full svn tree! It would download several hundreds of
megabytes. Instead, only get the trunk directory, like that:

    $ svn co svn://svn.videolan.org/trunk vlc-trunk

   If you need a specific branch or tag, (eg. branch 0.2), use this:

    $ svn co svn://svn.videolan.org/branches/0.2 vlc-0.2

   If you need to know which branches are available, use "svn ls":

    $ svn ls svn://svn.videolan.org/branches/

 * moving files

   No longer create new files from scratch when moving files! Use "svn mv":

    $ svn mv file1 file2

   It also works for entire directories.

 * splitting files

   Do not create a new file from scratch! Instead, copy the old file
using "svn cp", remove the old file and modify both newly created files:

    $ svn cp old new1
    $ svn cp old new2
    $ svn delete old
    [edit new1 and new2]
    $ svn commit

 * getting information about locally modified files

   Use "svn status" to know which files were modified, deleted or
created. A network connection is not needed for that, do not use "svn
update" just to know your local modifications.

   "svn diff" does not require a network connection either if you only
want to show your local modifications.

 * .cvsignore

   There is no filesystem equivalent to .cvsignore. Instead, metadata
are used. To edit the ignore list for a given directory, use this:

    $ svn propedit svn:ignore mydirectory

 * $Id:

   $Id is no longer automatically taken in account; instead, it has to
be activated in a per-file basis using properties:

    $ svn propedit svn:keywords myfile

   Just add "Id" to the list of properties.


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