[vlc-devel] vlc: svn commit r7007 (gbazin)

Subversion daemon svn at videolan.org
Sun Mar 7 23:34:23 CET 2004

r7007 | gbazin | 2004-03-07 23:34:22 +0100 (Sun, 07 Mar 2004) | 7 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/include/vlc_codec.h
   M /trunk/include/vlc_es.h
   M /trunk/modules/codec/faad.c
   M /trunk/modules/codec/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.c
   M /trunk/modules/demux/ps.h
   M /trunk/modules/demux/ts.c
   M /trunk/src/input/es_out.c
   M /trunk/src/input/input_dec.c
   M /trunk/src/input/input_programs.c

* include/vlc_es.h: added b_packetized field to es_format_t to tell a decoder if the input elementary stream will be fed in complete frames.
* include/vlc_codec.h: added a b_need_packetized field to decoder_t that is used by a decoder to tell if it wants to be fed complete frames.
* modules/demux/ts.c, modules/demux/ps.h, src/input/input_programs.c: b_packetized = VLC_FALSE.
* modules/codec/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.c, modules/codec/faad.c: b_need_packetized = VLC_TRUE;
* src/input/input_dec.c: if (b_need_packetized & !b_packetized) then kick off a packetizer that we'll use to feed the decoder.
* src/input/es_out.c: removed useless stuff.

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