[vlc-devel] Re: subtitles on vlc with DirectX rendering

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Sun Mar 7 23:59:24 CET 2004

Gildas Bazin writes:
 > Could it be because the subtitles rendering routines only handle some types 
 > of chromas and your graphics card might just not be able to create picture 
 > buffers with these chromas ?

The message I see about the display is YUY2 chroma handled via DirectX. 

Here's why I don't think it's not a simple case of an unhandled
chroma. First, when render debugging is turned on (2**5 or 32), the
calls VCDSubBlend() -- the routine that blends in the subtitle with
the picture be shown. This is a common routine that then calls other
routines based on chroma. However I see no indication of a call. But
even before VCDSubBlend (for each render instance), there is a
ParseImage routine which should get called; that call doesn't show
up either. When image bitmap debugging is turned on (2**3 or 8) the
bitmaps should get displayed and they aren't. So it looks like in
Decode of cvd.c:

        if( ( p_sys->p_vout = VCDSubFindVout( p_dec ) ) )
            /* Parse and decode */
            E_(ParsePacket)( p_dec );
            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ not getting called
            vlc_object_release( p_sys->p_vout );

the VCDSubFindVout( p_dec) is returning NULL. And VCDSubFindVout is a loop around this:
        p_vout = vlc_object_find( p_dec, VLC_OBJECT_VOUT, FIND_ANYWHERE );

Has anyone seen a OGT or CVD subtitles in Microsoft Windows? If so,
what chroma? If you set the debug switches on either cvd or ogt to say
40, do you see the image maps appearing in stdout or the call to
ParseImage and/or Render?

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