[vlc-devel] To OSX developers - Some questions, and my current status

Tim Omernick timo at omnigroup.com
Wed Mar 10 19:04:16 CET 2004

- I've changed the superclass of VLCPrefs to NSWindowController, and 
I've moved all of the preferences stuff out into its own .nib.  Is this 
going to be a problem for anyone?

- Is there a time of day you tend to be on the #videolan IRC channel?  
I've signed on a few times (as skyfell) and so far the channel has been 
totally quiet.  I'd like to discuss UI changes and figure out who is 
working on what so that I don't step on anyone's toes.

- How do I go about getting CVS/Subversion commit access?  Or should I 
not worry about it, and just submit my changes to someone else for 

- I'm not too familiar with VLC's build setup.  How do I add new .m 
files to the macosx module?  Step-by-step instructions would be nice, 
since I'm pretty unfamiliar with automake, etc.

Thanks a lot!


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