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Mariano García mariano.garcia at optivamedia.com
Thu Mar 11 13:02:13 CET 2004

El jue, 11-03-2004 a las 12:51, Rui Rodrigues escribió:
> I am working with 0.7.1 vlc version in Windows. Since there is no
> plugin for IE but there is one for Mozilla I installed Mozilla in
> Windows. I created a web page to play a movie in it using the vlc
> plugin for Mozilla. In this page I have a list of links to several
> movies and when I jump from one movie to another the plugin crashes.
> Do you know something about it?

In VLC User Guide

"VLC can also be embedded in a web browser ! For the moment, this
function is only available with Mozilla under GNU/Linux ."


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