[vlc-devel] Questions on skins

Sooyoung maximus at cmu.edu
Wed Mar 17 08:46:02 CET 2004

Our project involves modifying the wxwindows interface plugin to have it

only contain dialog buttons for the most basic functionality such as
and "stop" for user simplicity. Currently, we're considering modifying
default wxwindows interface module (in modules/gui/wxwindows) by
it down to a basic gui box. Several questions occurred.

1. Can we achieve the same thing by creating a skin (*.vlt) instead of 
dealing with the source code of an interface module?

2. If I make a skin, would it be compatible across different platforms? 
(windows, linux, OSX)

3. What is the difference between modules/gui/skin and
modules/gui/skins2? Seems like skin is the only one working, and it
often crashes too.

I'm developing under VLC 0.7.1 on win32 cygwin and on linux.


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