[vlc-devel] pending release of libcdio 0.68 (Was A snag with RH/FC version)

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Sat Mar 20 05:58:33 CET 2004

In what I hope will be a short while, there will be a libcdio 0.68
release and it would be good if that could be in the RH/FC rather than
a CVS version that was there last time I checked.

Even though most of the changes are for OS's that are not direct
concern to RH/Fedora (in particular Solaris and Microsoft Windows),
there are a couple of fundamental and important changes. 

I've broken out the yellow mode1 reading in the back-end more
properly, and linking --with-versioned-libs now checks for the
presence of GNU ld.

CVS is one place to get the candidate release. Info on CVS access is
   here: https://savannah.gnu.org/cvs/?group=libcdio

But for those who have a sourceforge.net account you can find a
candidate tarball on bashdb.sourceforge.net in

Sorry, I don't really know of or have a good public place to put this
right now.

It would be nice if there could be another release vcdimager, but I'm
a little worn out from trying to push that along - 0.7.20 still isn't
on ftp.gnu.org, although it is here:

or here:

There is a small bug fix in vcdimager CVS for libvcdinfo which will
save vlc from core dumping in VCD navigation.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

After tidying things up on libcdio, I'll probably be shifting my focus
on getting GNU make do a better job at give trace and error output,
maybe something analogous to POSIX shell's "set -x", "set -v" and call
stack info. Probably with an eye towards having GNU make run in a
debugger. Some preliminary tests show it might not be too bad. At
least not as hard as the mess I encountered with the bash debugger
http://bashdb.sourceforge.net. (I'm also a little worn out trying to
push things along in vlc. The problem handling changing video streams
when going from a still frame to motion is no further along than when
I encountered this probably 1/2 year ago, and I still haven't a clue
as to how to track down let alone fix. I think it better to switch
than fight it or wait)

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