[vlc-devel] Mozilla Plugin

Michael Pron michael.pron at noos.fr
Fri Mar 26 16:49:00 CET 2004

I've wrote some functions for the mozilla plugin.
Those modifications enabled the call of some VLC functions via javascript.
Among them, some functions can get informations of the current playlist (number of the file in the playlist, status, ...). Some others, get informations on the files played (position, length, .. ). Until now some functions work only with avi files (to get the position especially).

Theses modifications are in some points quite piggy.
So is there any interest for videolan to add these functions in the code of the plugin ?? 
If yes I'll try to "unpiggy" it and improve it (as much as i can). 

Michaël Pron

PS : 
a list of the added functions in vlcintf.idl :

goto_from_current_position(in PRInt64 sec); # move to the number of second sec specified
goto_from_begin(in PRInt64 sec); # go to the position sec in seconds
add_item_to_playlist(in string item_name); 
Access_item_in_playlist(in PRInt64 item_number); # access a file given his number
Get_Number_of_item_in_playlist(); # get the numbers of item in the current playlist
Get_index_of_actual_item_in_playlist(); # get the number of the current item in the current playlist
Playlist_status(); # get the status to the playlist (Play, Pause, Stop)
Stop_video(); # stop the video without destroying the playlist

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