[vlc-devel] Re: live.com and the RTP-header marker bit

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live.com
Sat Mar 27 18:09:43 CET 2004

>So, I'll change the implementation [of "H261VideoRTPSource"] to:
>         (i) Deliver each packet payload (after the 4-byte "H.261 header") 
> to the caller, even if it does not constitute a complete frame, and
>         (ii) Make the value of the 4-byte "H.261 header" (for the most 
> recently-delivered packet data) available to the caller, using a special 
> member function.

FYI, I have now done this in the latest "LIVE.COM Streaming Media" code 
release (2004.03.27), which you can obtain from the usual place 

There is a new member function "H261VideoRTPSource::lastSpecialHeader()" 
that you can call on "tk->rtpSource" (after casting it to a 
"H261VideoRTPSource*").  (Of course, you do this only when handling H.261 
video streams.)

I hope this makes things better...

	Ross Finlayson

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