[vlc-devel] Re: video title ?

Jean-Paul Saman jean-paul.saman at planet.nl
Sat Mar 27 19:04:15 CET 2004

Derk-Jan Hartman wrote:

> On 26 mrt 2004, at 15:38, Hornsby Adrian wrote:
>> Okay, could we get rid of the ;
>>  if (video_title == NULL) /*default video Title*/
>>      {    
>>              if( p_event->p_vout->p_sys->b_using_overlay )
>>                 SetWindowText( p_event->p_vout->p_sys->hwnd,
>>                     VOUT_TITLE " (hardware YUV overlay DirectX 
>> output)" );
>>             else if( p_event->p_vout->p_sys->b_hw_yuv )
>>                 SetWindowText( p_event->p_vout->p_sys->hwnd,
>>                     VOUT_TITLE " (hardware YUV DirectX output)" );
>>             else SetWindowText( p_event->p_vout->p_sys->hwnd,
>>                     VOUT_TITLE " (software RGB DirectX output)" );
>>             break;
>>             }
>> and just have a default video TITLE like VLC ? and then  change the 
>> title with --video-title <string> ???
> I would prefer to see this be left in place as a fallback option. On 
> windows and Linux it is often very important to retrieve this 
> information when something is going wrong. 

Not only as fallback. It will tell me if the X11 Video Server is 
configured properly or not.

> On OS X for instance, there is only one video output and no overlay, 
> so you always know what is going on. (Actually no longer true as of 
> late...) On OS X we use the name of the currently playing playlistitem 
> as the window title.
> Anyways. As long as there are still frequent changes to the code in 
> directx etc, i vote to keep this in. Fine to override it, but in my 
> eyes untill the video outputs are completly stable, i think this still 
> serves a purpose.

Even when the video outputs are stable I'd like to keep this 
information, it will tell you that hardware accelleration is used when 
displaying. If we miss this kind of information there is hardly a way to 
tell if somebodies computer cannot handle the performance needed for the 
stream. In short that information also has a diagnostic purpose.


Many greetings,
Jean-Paul Saman

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