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Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Fri May 21 00:52:51 CEST 2004

I took a quick look at this and was wondering why you didn't write this 
for the wxGTK interface, since the GTK interface is no longer being 
maintained. Also. perhaps the availability of this 'browser' could be 
made optional, because there are a lot of these systems out there, and 
the open dialog will become a mess if we would add(enable) all of them 
by default ...


On 12 mei 2004, at 10:54, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> Moderator's note:
> The deleted attachment is available at:
> http://people.via.ecp.fr/~courmisch/vlc-clink-dlg.gif
> ----- Forwarded message from Ecartis <ecartis at krishna.via.ecp.fr> -----
> From: "Satoshi Konno" <skonno at cybergarage.org>
> To: <vlc at videolan.org>
> Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 16:09:25 +0900
> Hi,
> I have released a patch for VideoLAN to open movie contents
> on UPnP Media Servers easily.
>   CyberLink for C++ : File List
>   http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=89768
> Using the patch, I could play the movie contents from the following
> UPnP AV media servers on Fedora Core 1. I attached the extended
> dialog image. Please check it too.
>   1.Sony Cocoon (CSV-EX9/11)
>   2.Intel AV Media Server
>   3.Cyber Media Gate (It is my implementaion of the media server)
> About UPnP Media Servers, please the following site.
>   UPnP FORUM : MediaServer V1.0 and MediaRender V1.0
>   http://www.upnp.org/standardizeddcps/mediaserver.asp
> I am developing UPnP frameworks for C++ and Java.
> If you want to know in more detail, please check the
> following site:
>   CyberLink for Java :
>  http://www.cybergarage.org/net/upnp/java/index.html CyberLink for C++
>  : http://www.cybergarage.org/net/upnp/cc/index.html
Universiteit Twente
Derk-Jan Hartman (d.hartman at student.utwente dot nl)

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