[vlc-devel] Info about dropped packages for stream back to client?

Peter Kjellerup Rasmussen pkr at daimi.au.dk
Fri May 28 13:25:02 CEST 2004


I need to figure out how to get info about dropped packages reported 
back to the client when controlling streaming via the http interface.

I have searched the archives but with no luck. I have managed to locate 
the place in the code (udp.c) where this info is available, but i cant 
seem to find any existing way of sending this info back to the client.
What i am planning to do is to make a "hack" in udp.c  and then report 
this info back manually over a new connection. Does anyone know of a 
better/existing way of doing this?
Any pointers or help (or even both ;) ) is very much appreciated.

-Peter Rasmussen

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