[vlc-devel] time-offset hotkey glitch

Bob Maguire maguirer at rjmaguire.com
Sun May 30 00:17:11 CEST 2004

I'm not sure when this glitch was introduced.  It's not in 0.7.1a nor 
0.7.2-test2, but it is in 0.7.2-test3, 0.7.2, and the current svn 
snapshot.  I'm using OS X 10.2.8.

When using the hotkeys for skipping forward and backward in 10 sec, 1 
min, and 5 min increments, and when the controller or player window 
have the focus, the 'time-offset' command is executed twice.  This only 
happens if I don't have modifier keys mapped to the hotkey(s) as well.

For instance, in earlier versions I could map the 10 second 
forward/backward keys to the left and right arrows by themselves.  If I 
do it now they skip in 20 increments.  If I change the mappings to 
Command-Left and Command-Right, everything thing works as expected 
(i.e. no double skip).

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