[vlc-devel] A idea, for the future!

Kasper Sandberg postmaster at metanurb.dk
Mon Nov 1 15:08:01 CET 2004


As this mail goes to both the Xine, Mplayer and VideoLAN team, you
probably wonder what it is :)
its because, i have been using all 3 of your media players, and i find
all 3 to be very very good media players,
however, i see some feature in one player, that i really would like to
see in another, and oposite.
and as linux now is beginning to be more and more popular as a desktop
 i think it would be a huge plus
to have a outstanding media player, since the mainstream really needs
that, also, to have cross platform stuff.
dont get me wrong, im not critisizing either of your players in ANY
 way, i find them to be really really good,
however, i think that if the videolan, xine and mplayer team joined
together, to create the best media player possible, they could succeed.
it would be really nice to have a standard for writing video codecs,
streaming, audio and all that. cross platform too.

just a thought. i know that if this should happen, it would be alot
 work to coordinate and stuff.
im a coder myself, not very good though, and i too, would like to help
all i could in doing this.

i apologize for my bad english :) or if you find me offending in any
way, that is not my intention at all. maybe, if you all agree
to this, or have some other ideas or anything, that there could be a
 IRC meeting some time. either way, please discuss it with your time :)

Thanks for your time.

Regards, Kasper Sandberg

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