[vlc-devel] found the reason of the crash when changing settings

Maik Diessner dandruff at gmx.de
Wed Nov 3 00:15:47 CET 2004

i've compared the settings-file that causes the crashes on file open with a
working settings-file. i've only changed the dvd-drive letter to 'E:', but
vlc changed also two other settings:


changing them back to


and vlc now runs fine with my changed drive-letters.

sometimes this crash happens also after changing/saving other settings. but
not always. with changing the drive-letters i can reproduce it everytime.

would be nice, if that could be fixed in the final version. i think many
users will change the default-drive-letters ...

windows xp prof. sp2
vlc 0.8.0 with wxwindows [nightly build 02-11-2004]

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