[vlc-devel] todo additions

Dennis van Amerongen Dennis.vanAmerongen at nob.nl
Thu Nov 11 11:17:31 CET 2004


I've run into some things (bugs, todo's, wishlist) that I think
would greatly enhance the VLC media player when implemented/fixed.
Some issues are already in progress but just in case some of them
would go unnoticed I thought I'd sum them up anyway so it could
perhaps make it into an official TODO list...

- Gray out "reset to defaults" for audio equalizer when disabled
- Once audio equalizer is disabled, it doesn't enable the first
  try when you select from main menu. It only works a 2nd change
  (enable flag not properly set?).
- Ability to use cropping options for live feeds
- Wxwidgets improvement: Bigger slider in main menu. Accurate sliding
  (not 5% interval) which also calculates/shows time as you slide.
- Up/down arrows (i.e. preferences, input, server port) work reversed
  under wxwindows.
- Implement extvlcopt also for .sdp files
- Embedded player (ActiveX) support in IE
- Improve WMV3 multibitrate detection: It seems to only select the
  lowest combination of streams (the first stream [0x1] doesn't
  appear in the header?)
- Improve WMV3 rtsp support for livestreaming from Windows Media
  servers. Windows SDP says npt=5.0000-5.0000 which causes a
  5 sec. loop
- Audio starvation/sampling optimization for live streaming
- Automatic deinterlacing for interlaced MPEG2 material
- More info detection (bitrate etc.) for livestreaming

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