[vlc-devel] Re: unofficial vlc 0.8.0 rpms for FC2, RH9 and RHEL3

Alvin Chin achin at cs.toronto.edu
Fri Nov 12 21:15:25 CET 2004

This is what I have for the [caad] line:

name=Red Hat Linux $releasever -$basearch - CAAD Extra RPMS

I'll try your alternative approach, thanks for your help.


Torsten Spindler wrote:

>Hi Alvin,
>first question: Have you included the following lines to /etc/yum.conf:
>name=Fedora Core $releasever - $basearch - CAAD Extra RPMS
>If not yum will just query the servers it already has in /etc/yum.conf.
>While I don't plan to put the repository at holz offline any time soon I
>cannot guarantee that it works for several years, so you probably want
>to include this configuration only for downloading vlc and then comment
>Another alternative would be to just grab all the RPMs or SRPMs from
>holz and install from disk with rpm -Uvh. Or place them in your own yum
>repository, it's simply a directory in webspace where you run 'yum-arch
>On Fri, 2004-11-12 at 04:18, Alvin Chin wrote:
>>I've finished running "yum install vlc", but I've found out that it 
>>installed for me 0.6.0 and it said that videolan-client-devel required 
>>videolan-client-0.6.0 but I did already download that using apt-get.  I 
>>thought that the latest vlc would be installed from the package.  If 
>>that's not the case, do I have to build the VLC from scratch as in here 
>You'll have to include the repository you want to use in your yum
>configuration, as explained above.
>>I find the install for Red Hat 9 extremely difficult to do, which I am 
>>sure many people I've heard in this forum are having problems with.  If 
>>someone has successfully installed and built VLC from scratch on Red Hat 
>>Linux 9, could they document what they did so other developers are able 
>>to do this and solve their frustrations (including mine).
>I found it rather tiring to hunt for all the RPMs I need that vlc
>depends upon. So I've used freshrpms and Dag Wieers repository for
>existing rpms and placed the rest in my own repository. For me that
>eases the way to install vlc on the RH9/RHEL3/FC2 boxes where I need it
>Basically the process of getting vlc compiled on Red Hat 9 is just a
>matter of time investment. There are probably several ways to get vlc
>compiled under Red Hat 9, here's my way:
>0) grab
>1) run 'rpm -ivh vlc-0.8.0-1.rh9.ts.src.rpm', preferably as user
>2) change directory to SPECS
>3) probably rename vlc.0.8.0.rh9.mod.by.ts.spec
>4) edit spec, change options/libs/whatever you need for your needs
>5) run 'rpmbuild -bb <your spec file name>'
>   either install missing build requirements or remove requirement  
>   from spec and disable configure option for that requirement
>6) once it compiles through change to RPMS/i386 and install
>7) check if it works
>From these points 5) can take a considerable amount of time. Sometimes
>there simply exists no ready made rpm for RH9 and FC1/FC2 will not
>install due to using different libraries. Often it is good enough to
>just grab the source rpm and build it on RH9. I did that with libcddb,
>libcdio, libvcd and speex. The rest of the needed rpms I could retrieve
>from www.freshrpms.net and dag.wieers.com.

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