[vlc-devel] interaction between QuickTime and VLC

Joe Chan firstian at rcn.com
Fri Nov 12 17:27:03 CET 2004

It's been bugging me a long time that every time I start the MacOS  
build of VLC, it freezes the entire system for 10 seconds before I can  
do anything. So I finally whipped out gdb and try to find out why. I  
found that the problem is the call to FindCodec() in voutqt.m. It  
appears that it hangs while looking for some shared libraries. I did a  
before and after snapshot of list of shlibs loaded in gdb, and I  
narrowed it down to:


I also did a ktrace, but I couldn't find any syscall that took that  
long to process (the max was 0.04 seconds, opening AGL).

I don't know QuickTime very well, so I thought I'll ask how does the  
codecs in VLC gets hooked up to QuickTime? The file I'm using is an  
xvid, and it looks like libavcodec gets directly linked into VLC. How  
does FindCodec gets to the xvid decoder in VLC?


Joe Chan
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Burlington, MA
Tel: (781) 442-0809

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