[vlc-devel] Re: OS X development

Benjamin PRACHT bigben+spam at videolan.org
Sat Nov 13 02:47:32 CET 2004

On Thu, Nov 11, 2004, Mike A wrote :
> I've just signed up to this list as your site says you're after more OS 
> X developers.  I'm not particularly good at programming, although I do 
> have a little skill.  However, I consider myself to be pretty good in 
> the area of Interface development, and the site says you're 
> particularly interested in improving the usability of the preference 
> pane.


first of all, we'd like to tell you that your help is much welcomed ;-)
and that we would be very glad to help you start playing with VLC's
code. The best place to get help and have contacts with VideoLAN's
developers is certainly our IRC channel (#videolan on irc.freenode.org).

Source code can be checked out using SVN
(http://developers.videolan.org/svn.html). Information to get it
compiled is here: http://developers.videolan.org/vlc/osx-compile.html
(yes, it's a bit tricky the first time, but don't get discouraged, and
don't hesitate to ask if you're facing an issue). The pbproj can be
found in the extras/MacOSX/vlc.pbproj directory of the sources. The code
for the macosx interface module can be found in the modules/gui/macosx

Well, about what you could begin coding on, that's mainly up to you ;-).
If you're short on ideas, here is list of things we would like to change
on the OSX interface :

* Streaming wizard (to help start a network stream)
* Preference Panel (debug it and make it easier)
* Update the OpenGL video output
* bookmark window
* port of the skins interface

...and many other things... Have a look at the TODO file for some more.

So, hoping to see you soon...


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