[vlc-devel] [Live-devel] Status of Kasenna support

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Sat Nov 13 13:57:43 CET 2004

Here is a short overview of what is currently possible.

Some advices first:
1: don' use kasenna if you can avoid it :)
2: Set the kasenna server to send packets with multiples of 188 bytes. 
Higher packetsizes are better for the server, worse for the clients.

Scheduled Live streams
1: MPEG 2 Live UDP TS multicast streams. work like a dream
2: MPEG 4 Live UDP TS multicast streams. work like a dream
3: MPEG 2 Live UDP TS unicast streams. image corruption occurs. perhaps 
related to a TS or UDP reframing bug in Kasenna/liveMedia??? It's 
difficult to find the cause of this image corruption. It's quite heavy. 
i get almost continious '[00000321] ts demuxer debug: skipping 1692 
bytes of garbage' messages. Something is strange here.

Scheduled streams from 'HD' (canned) (not VideoOnDemand)
4: MPEG 2 scheduled 'canned' MPEG-2 UDP TS multicast stream. some small 
TS frame corruption (visual glitch) every 20 or so seconds
5: MPEG 2 scheduled 'canned' MPEG-2 UDP TS unicast streams. Works, 
similar effects as descriped above.

Video On Demand
6: MPEG 4 used to work. no longer does. (if kasenna mode but content 
MPEG4, then PLAY shouldn't be aggregate)
7: MPEG 2 working, similar corruption to 4.
8: MPEG 1 returns extra data after the SETUP response, which it doesn't 
9: MP3 stream. non compliant TS? Is it TS at all? if someone has an 
10: Pause / Resume working.
11: Seeking not yet working, though Dermot has a patch for this?
12: Trick play, not yet working, though Dermot has a patch for this.
13: (high bandwidth?) samples seem to suffer from bursts which causes 
messed up TS frames and image corruption every once in a while (every 
15-30 seconds?)


Universiteit Twente
Derk-Jan Hartman (d.hartman at student.utwente dot nl)

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