[vlc-devel] Re: file SDP

Benjamin PRACHT bigben+spam at videolan.org
Tue Nov 16 10:16:51 CET 2004

On Mon, Nov 15, 2004, johnny Laura wrote :
> Well, yes, the computers are in the same subnet.. I could see the
> content of test.sdp file; thank's
> But ..I'm a beginner in VLC, but I see that it's excelent and
> interesting, and I'd like to
> develop anything wiht VLC but I don't know how to begining or how to
> start. I hope you help me how to..thank's

Well, there is always a lot to do with VLC ;-). Source code is available
via SVN, on svn.via.ecp.fr. Doculentation on how to check out the code
and compile it can be found on http://developers.videolan.org/ .

The TODO file at the root of the repository gives some hints about
features we would like in VLC. However, this isn't limitative. Any other
idea you would have will be great.

If you need any help (which is likely to be if you want to start hacking
VLC ;-), have any question on how VLC works, feature, etc, don't
hesitate to contact us, either on this Mailing list, or on our IRC
channel, #videolan on irc.freenode.net


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