[vlc-devel] Re: [streaming] Re: stream infos on clients

Pierre-Hugues PERET pype at gameflux.com
Sun Nov 21 10:13:10 CET 2004

I'm going further with what i want to have ...
So here is the situation :
- the asf options : name, author etc ... are working good and are 
accessible in the playlist.
- i'm using the skins2 interface without the playlist
- i want the name option of the asf accessible via the Text variables of 
the skins2 skin.

- in the code, there are 2 options relative to the name of the "stream" $N 
and $F, but each are printing the url of the stream server accessed by 
p_sys->p_playlist->p_input->input.p_item->psz-uri , and what i want here is 
p_sys->p_playlist->pp_item[i]->psz-name , i is the current played item id 
.But changing to this doesn't work beacaus eit seems that the name is 
updated after the call of the function that display the name of the stream 
in the skins2 skin.

How can i do to get thi ssolution working, or is there any other solution ?


At 19:37 19/11/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>At 17:50 19/11/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>>On Fri, Nov 19, 2004, Pierre-Hugues PERET wrote :
>> > hello,
>> > at the moment, we are streaming WMV videos.
>> > On the server, videos are showing as their filename with extension.
>> > On the client only the url of the stream is showing as the video name.
>> > Is it possible to have the description of the video playing showing on the
>> > client instead of the same url of the streaming server ?
>> > saying i can rename the video file with self explanatory name of the 
>> video,
>> > is it possible to have the name of the video showing ?
>> >
>> > I'm using skins2 interface on the client with latest svn updates.
>> >
>> > thanks
>> >
>>Please have a look at the title=, author=, copyright=, comment= option
>>of the asfh muxer (you should turn you stream output chain to something
>>like #std{mux=asfh{name=<stream title>,author=<author 
>>You may want to set up a script to fill these fields according to the
>I'm streaming with the http access module and asf muxer, and the options 
>don't seems to work.
>How can i print the different option on the client with the skins2 
>interface ? (the $N option keeps printing the url of the server)
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