[vlc-devel] nodeco patch synched against 0.8.1 (rev. 9409)

Marius Kjeldahl marius at kjeldahl.net
Fri Nov 26 10:48:54 CET 2004

I've updated my "nodeco" patch which allows vlc to run without window 
decorations together with for instance the http interface.

I've also added one more detail; 24 bit colour depth overlay support. I'm not 
sure this part of the patch is generic. In directx.c:DirectXFindColorkey, the 
part of the patch that deals with this is:

     case 16:
         *(uint16_t *)ddsd.lpSurface = 0x01;
+    case 24:
+        *(uint32_t *)ddsd.lpSurface = 0x010000;
+        break;
         *(uint32_t *)ddsd.lpSurface = 0x01;

I'm not sure if this part of the patch is generic for 24 bit support in vlc, 
or if it is specific for the hardware I'm having trouble with (Activy boxes 
from Fujitsu Siemens). I also tried putting in another (more generic) method 
of figuring out the correct colorkey value by setting a pixel in the given 
colour and then reading it back, which worked correctly for 24 bit, but broke 
32 bit at my end. Maybe the value "1" have been hardcoded elsewhere.

So, in short, the 24 bit value of 0x010000 works on Activy boxes I'm using 
(they have a Tvia CyberPro 5000 video chip), but I'm not sure it's generic. 
The 32 bit value 0x01 does not work on the same box. Since none of my current 
"normal" computers support 24 bit colour depths, I can not test to see if the 
24 bit support has improved or not in general with this part of my patch.


Marius Kjeldahl
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