[vlc-devel] ASIO audio_output module progress

Frédéric RUGET frederic.ruget at free.fr
Fri Oct 1 02:49:21 CEST 2004

Thanks a lot Gildas !

Your trick with editing vlc-config rather than configure.ac
works magic !!
Thanks also for indicating how to rebuild just the necessary
files to update a module ;-)

Now I have been able to compile and link my ASIO plugin.
The reason I thought it was not linked with VLC,
is that I was missing a couple of lines in vlc_module_begin/end :
    set_capability( "audio output", 50 );
    set_callbacks( Open, Close );
Thus VLC did not consider my code as a valid audio_output module.

Thanks also for your help with my C++ libportaudio.a library :
I have recompiled all objects with -mno-cygwin and the right g++,
I have also added the VLC_ADD_CXXFLAGS([asio],[])
statement... it works now.

So far, I have not yet coded the actual audio output,
but I have already been able to play some ASIO sounds from inside
my plugin's Open function.  So I believe all the pieces are in place,
and I shall soon be able to complete this project.

I'll keep you informed of my progress :-)


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