[vlc-devel] Commiting changes to svn ?

Frédéric RUGET frederic.ruget at free.fr
Sun Oct 3 15:58:05 CEST 2004


I have completed my "portaudio" audio_ouput module.
(I have renamed it portaudio rather than asio because
it should work with any portaudio implementation ;
even if I have only tested it with portaudio/ASIO so far...).

A few questions :
1. I would like to commit my changes to the svn repository
    (OK, after release 0.8 is out :-).
    Is it possible ?  What is the procedure ?

2. Audio/video synchronization
    My implementation of the portaudio.c module is close to sdl.c :
    in the portaudio's callback function, I just throw data at portaudio's
    Magically though, when I play a DVD, sound and pictures are correctly
    synchronized.  How is it possible ?

    Small difference with sdl : the portaudio's callback function gives
    (in addition to the samples buffer) a timestamp that tells the exact
    portaudio plans to output the buffer to the speakers.
    Could I make use of this timestamp to achieve more precise audio/video
    synchronization, or is it not compatible with VLC architecture ?

    More generally, is there documentation about audio/video
    synchonization in VLC ?

3. What are the recommended compilation flags to optimize VLC
     for speed ? (on WindowsXP/cynwin)

Thanks for your replies,
More power to VLC ;-)


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