[vlc-devel] main warning: trying to send non-dated packet to stream output!

Mark Moriarty mfmbusiness at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 25 23:36:57 CEST 2004

I get the above whenever I try to stream an incoming stream to file. (use a
client to store the data to a file)

The data source is an incoming UDP mp4v 768K stream.  It displays fine at
the client, very few packet losses or other issues.

I've tried to stream to file as DIV3/ASF, mp4v/MPEG TS, mp4v/MPEG PS,
multiple other combos.  They all generate a continuous stream of the above
message, nothing in the file.  I've tried a variety of transcode bitrates,
and transcode fps values.  I've also tried a straight save -- no
transcoding, just try to store the incoming file as a .mpg  (no I haven't
done a file dump approach).

(I don't do local display when I'm having the client stream to file -- I
know that has had trouble at various points)

I know this was "kind of" working about a week ago -- it was saving as an
800 kbps, no matter what bitrate I set, but it was able to do the

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