[vlc-devel] Adding vlc functionality

Marius Kjeldahl marius at kjeldahl.net
Wed Oct 27 15:59:58 CEST 2004

I'm working on a set of patches that allows users to better control the 
windows created by the vlc client, and have already submitted a patch that 
allows vlc to be run without any window decorations (no titlebar or window 
frames). Are there any guidelines I need to read to get a patch approval or 
rejection, and do I just post it here to get it included in the main tree?

On another note; I'm also working on a patch that will allow a user to "remote 
control" the vlc client similar to what is already implemented with the http 
control interface. Part of it includes positioning the output window. As far 
as I can see, the current window size/positioning stuff seems to be tied to 
the existence of a Window (and a proper p_vout instance). This makes it hard 
to implement a http call that allows a http client to issue a "play item X in 
the playlist at location X,Y", since in my application most often the window 
will not yet have created. I can easily add more globals to keep the "open 
any future window at X, Y coordinates", but was thinking if any of you 
experienced vlc developers might have a suggestion on other places where I 
might stuff these values until the p_vout instance gets created and the 
values are needed.


Marius Kjeldahl

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