[vlc-devel] Re: vlc: svn commit r9067 (gbazin)

Gildas Bazin gbazin at altern.org
Wed Oct 27 18:59:57 CEST 2004

On Wednesday 27 October 2004 17:18, Christophe Massiot wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 27, 2004, Subversion daemon wrote:
> > * modules/mux/mpeg: for video ES, always put the pts and dts in the pes 
header when they are both available (makes vlc a lot happier when demuxing 
the stream, especially for other video codecs than mpeg2).
> ISO/IEC 13818-1 2.7.5 clearly states :
> "A decoding timestamp shall appear in a PES packet header if and only if
> the following two conditions are met :
>  - A PTS is present in the PES packet header
>  - the decoding time differs from the presentation time"
> Thus, this latest change makes VLC non-compliant to the MPEG-2 spec.

I know, the problem we have isn't in the muxer it is in the packetizers 
(copy, mp4v and h264 packetizers) that just can't guess the value of the 
dts (which vlc needs).
However I preferred reverting to our previous behaviour before the release 
instead of trying to fix all the packetizers (which won't be easy). This 
will need to be fixed properly afterwards.

We don't have this problem for mpeg2 video (the packetizer does its job) so 
I can add a test for it.


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