[vlc-devel] Problem: VLC.exe only invokes from commandline.

Rajan Rakesh-A20642 rakeshrajan at motorola.com
Sun Sep 12 19:02:03 CEST 2004


I could build vlc.exe on windows and play sample files. Thanks for the nice guidelines.
I invoked the .exe from commandline by typing "vlc -vlc -vv --extraintf=logger C:/ski.mpg".

1. This works fine except that I am not able to open a file or add to the play list from the
window controls.
But the same issue prevents me from playing a file by double clicking the vlc.exe icon.

2. I have got a TS file containing MPEG2 Video and ac3 audio. As I explained in my previous mail,
my final objective is to play this using VLC. I assume I have to debug the demux code which assembles
the TS packets to ac3 access units. Would some one tell me which file should I look at for this?

Any suggestion to solve these two issues will be much helpful.

Thanks & Regs,

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