[vlc-devel] PATCH: Makes MPEG-4 video work inside a MPEG-2 Program Stream. Implements Program Stream Map.

Leon Woestenberg leonw at mailcan.com
Thu Sep 16 17:07:35 CEST 2004

Hello all,

the following is a patch that implements Program Stream Map (PSM)
parsing in the MPEG PS demuxer.

When implemented, VLC will successfully play both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4
Video Elementary Stream (VES) inside a MPEG-2 Program Stream. 

The current code will hardcodedly assume MPEG-2 VES when encountering a
MPEG-2 PS, and will fail to play the MPEG-4 VES.

It was mentioned as TODO work in line 181 of modules/demux/ps.c

The patch was made against revision 8658 and modifies these files:


Patch was written by Pascal Claes and is released under GPL.

We can provide you with both kind of streams to test against,
just ask.

With kind regards,

Leon Woestenberg.

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