[vlc-devel] Re: problem with libmkv when compiling VLC.exe on WIN32

Gildas Bazin gbazin at altern.org
Tue Sep 28 10:30:21 CEST 2004

On Tuesday 28 September 2004 09:55, Damien Fouilleul wrote:
> Sigmund,
> I understand your need, but I just want to point out that your are 
> creating unecessary software bloat (duplicate code), as shown in the 
> output of nm for both vlc.exe and libmp4_plugin.dll. Ideally, you should 
> rather load libmp4_plugin.dll before using the APIs, or make libmp4.c a 
> static library (or archive) before using it so that the duplication is 
> limited to the APIs you are actually using.
> I understand that I may be a bit fussy, but if vlc is to be used for 
> embedded use (where code size matters), then this could be an issue

This is IMHO the right way to do it. I wouldn't see the point in having 
plugins if these plugins did depend on other plugins to work.
If you are really concerned about code size, you should probably build 
everything statically anyway.

Actually, the mkv code doesn't seem to use much of the libmp4.c code so the 
cleanest way would probably be to reimplement the bits we need. But I much 
more prefer the current solution than nothing at all anyway.


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