[vlc-devel] Re: vlc on Zaurus 5600 - report

Paul Cosway pcosway at ressen.net
Tue Sep 28 18:26:39 CEST 2004

librt install problems

1. After download, "ipkg install librt_2.1.3_arm.ipk" gives:
zcat: librt_2.1.3_arm.ipk: not in gzip format
zcat: stdin: unexpected end of file
ipkg_install_file: ERROR unpacking control.tar.gz from librt_2.1.3_arm.ipk

So I took apart the ipk file and rebuilt it

2. After rebuilding, "ipkg install librt_2.1.3_arm.ipk" gives:
Unpacking librt...Done.
Configuring librt...tar: Cannot create directory `./DATA/': Read-only 
file system
tar: Cannot create directory `./DATA': Read-only file system
tar: Cannot create directory `./DATA': Read-only file system
tar: Cannot create directory `./DATA': Read-only file system
tar: ./DATA/usr/lib/librt-2.1.3.so: input/output error -- No such file 
or directory
tar: Bad tar header, skipping
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
//usr/lib/ipkg/info/librt.postinst: /bin/ldconfig: not found

--> I just copied the librt files into /usr/lib

As mentioned, it does work with the mp3 streams I've tested, but not 
WMA.  Should it work with WMA?  See below (early post) for the WMA error 


Jean-Paul Saman wrote:

> Paul Cosway wrote:
>> I'm writing in response to the request on the Zaurus download page to 
>> report back if VLC works on my Zaurus.  Answer:  sort of
> Thanks for your response.
>> Machine:  Zaurus 5600 with stock Sharp ROM
>> Setup:  all ipkg's installed OK except librt.  I had to take that 
>> apart and rebuild it.  Even that didn't quite work, so I just copied 
>> the libraries to /usr/lib directly
> What went wrong with librt? Was it in the wrong place?
> Could you provide the error messages from: ipkg install librt-xxxx.ipk
>> Run:  Works on a few mp3 streams I've tested.    Does not work on any 
>> of the WMA streams I've tested.  There are two types of failures on WMA
>> Error Type 1 -- stream setup seems to go OK, then "main audio output 
>> warning:  PTS is out of range (3794757), dropping buffer"  No sound 
>> comes out, although streaming does continue.   This is the errror 
>> that I get with WMA v2 codec streams  (example:  
>> http://www.rthk.org.hk/live3.asx)
>> Error Type 2 -- stream does not start up.  Example: 
>> http://web.servicebureau.net/conf/meta?i=1112444359&c=1234&m=was&u=/w.xsl 
>> The sequence at the point of an error is:
>> access_mms input debug: Media file name/path accepted
>> access_mms input debug: answer 0x6 flags:0x01000000 
>> media_length:13122s packet_length:991 packet_count:0 
>> max_bit_rate:12359 header_size:2409
>> access_mms input warning:  failed to recieve command (abording)
>> access_mms input error:  unknown answer (0x6 instead of 0x11)
>> access_mms input debug: connection closed
>> I'm not in a position to volunteer to be a package maintainer, but 
>> I'd be happy to run more tests and otherwise help out to get this 
>> working.

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