[vlc-devel] Using libavformat

eross+vlc-devel at disc.ucn.cl eross+vlc-devel at disc.ucn.cl
Wed Sep 29 22:20:01 CEST 2004


I'm very new to this project, I just downloaded and compiled it yesterday. 
Currently I've made modifications in the ffmpeg library to use some 
special protocol to get video from some network cameras, and I'd like to 
know if there's some way to tell VLC to use the libavformat library to get 
the data.

Currently I compiled it using my modified ffmpeg (in f/) with:
./configure --with-ffmpeg-tree=./f/ --disable-dvd --disable-mad 

But i cant figure out if what I want is possible.

Thanks in advance
#79989 counter.li.org

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