[vlc-devel] asio audio_output module : please help

frederic.ruget at free.fr frederic.ruget at free.fr
Thu Sep 30 20:18:26 CEST 2004


I'm a newbye to this list, I hope I'm not posting off topic.

I want to code a VLC audio_output plugin to drive an
asio sound card.

I plan to use the portaudio/asio API to write the plugin.

My OS is WinXP/cygwin.  So far I have
  - built VLC from source (works OK)
  - built Steinberg's ASIO SDK and portaudio package
    from source (works OK too)

Now the questions :-)

1. Re-compilation time

  Suppose I have modified (say) alsa.c ; what is the quickest way
  to recompile it (alsa.o) and then rebuild vlc.exe ?

  More generally, are there any tips to speed up VLC build?  For
  example, if I change a flag in configure.ac, can I do without
  going through the whole bootstrap && configure && make
  procedure ?  [ takes ages on my machine :-( ]

2. Adding an audio_output module

  Currently I have
    - created an asio.c file in modules/audio_output/

    - updated modules/audio_output/Modules.am : added
SOURCES_asio = asio.c

    - updated configure.ac : added
dnl  ASIO module
  [  --enable-asio           ASIO sound support (default disabled)],
  [if test "${enable_asio}" = "yes"

    - bootstrap && configure [...] --enable-asio && make

  Unfortunately, my asio code does not seem to be linked
  within vlc.exe.

  What did I do wrong ?

  By the way, is there some documentation pertaining to the
  vlc configuration stuff (*.ac files) ?

3. Best skeleton for asio.c

  The portaudio API is faily simple (requires a copy of buffers)
  but has a callback function though.  It is described at

  Amongst the several audio_output plugins already available
  (alsa.c, coreaudio.c, ...) what would be the best template
  for coding asio.c ?

VLC is great !
Hope I'll soon be able to play DVDs in 4 speaker mode
with my EMU 1820M card ;-)



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