[vlc-devel] Re: Various issues with extended gui, video filter, transcode fps, PTS (late data), fast forward, hotkeys...

Sigmund Augdal sigmunau at stud.ntnu.no
Tue Apr 26 23:39:49 CEST 2005

On Tue, Apr 26, 2005 at 10:56:33PM +0200, Dennis van Amerongen wrote:
> Hi VLC developers,
> Thanks for the outstanding support and a very versatile media
> application :)
> I've collected a list of some vlc issues which are reproducable on XP
> SP2 with the current 20050426-svn version. Lots of these issues have
> already been discussed on the #videolan irc channel (hotkey, late data,
> etc.) or are known issues (and perhaps on hold for a while) but
> nevertheless I thought I'd share them all again so they wouldn't go
> unnoticed before another final release comes out...
> 1) Turning on Extended gui gives screen corruption
> Start stream, settings, ext gui -> screen corruption, shows a part of
> the ext gui in grey on TOP of the video. Depending on the resolution of
> the stream it's better noticable. Changing to opengl doesn't help. The
> problem is also noticable when pausing a stream, then turning on/off ext
> gui. The workaround is to stop/start or minimize/maximize to "refresh"
> the video window correctly. The problem doesn't seem to exist under
> linux/wx2.5 :)
> 2) Pausing with Adjust image gives late picture skipped
> Start stream, settings, ext gui, turn on View, Messages. Now turn on
> Adjust image under video, pause stream, check Messages -> continuous
> late picture skipped. This was reported to be a known issue.
This isn't really a problem imo.

> 3) Video filter status not properly updated
> Start stream, ext gui, turn on adjust image, pause, select any of the
> video filters example transformation -> video disappears. Deselect
> transformation, click play -> it DOES give transformation. Select
> transformation -> again it uses transformation.
> 4) Enable audio equalizer status/selection doesn't update properly
> Start stream, settings, turn on ext gui, Audio, equalizer, full base ->
> enable equalizer turns on. Disable equalizer with button (not from gui)
> -> you hear equalizer is off. Audio, equalizer, rock -> you hear
> equalizer turns on but the enable button doesn't turn on. Disable
> equalizer from gui -> enable button doesn't turn off
> The reset to defaults button imho should not be usable when equalizer is
> disabled (not grayed out) same as under Video, Adjust image.
> 5) --sout-transcode-fps screws up timestamping (PTS) 
> Using a transcode fps will give an extremely high value for a late
> packet, this happens at least with mmsh/asfh and udp/ts. [00000277]
> access_output_udp private debug: packet has been sent too late
> (1154494394803). For udp/ts an additonal line sometimes comes up:
> [00000275] access_output_udp private warning: putting two PCRs at once.
> This problem with transcode fps even happens when transcoding to 25 fps
> if source is 25 fps. So when source is 25 and target is 25 the option
> --sout-transcode-fps 25 should not be speficied for proper usage! This
> was reported to be a known issue in #videolan
> 6) Asf muxer doesn't support --meta tags
> The asf muxer is unable to use meta tags in transcoding --meta-author,
> --meta-description, etc.
> 7) Scroll/fast forward speed has rather large values
> x1, x2, x4, x8, x16.13, x32.26, x66.67, x142.86, x333.33, x1000.00,
> x1.#J. The way down for any value above 8x, it goes immediately down to
> x4, x2, x1. (This also applies to slower than 1x). Perhaps the fast
> back/forward motion could be limited to 3 or 4 steps max?
It has allways been limited to max out at 8x. Somehow the info in the gui
got out of sync. It is fixed now.

> 8) Directx warnings when minimizing
> When minimizing a videofeed just before it starts (heh) the debug window
> quickly fills up with these with an interval of probaly the frames per
> second: vout_directx warning: could not blit surface (error
> -2005532522). Press play, quickly minimize (preferably http streaming
> which takes a while to set up), maximize and there's no video window. I
> agree this is not your average day usage :)
> 9) PTS problem and late picture skipped when receiving late data
> This is a known issue but is very much a problem for http streaming over
> the net. VLC would need to be able to distinguish between late data
> because of underrun versus CPU not being able to process data in time.
> 10) Hotkey only characters are "accepted" from keyboard
> In the hotkey section it will only allow you to type characters, not
> special function, you have to use those from dropdown. Which insert is
> refered to here, KEYPAD_INS or the other INSERT? perhaps making this
> clear from dropdown (or make them both assignable) is preferable
> 11) Hotkey changes need vlc to restart
> Hotkey changes only seem to work "on-load" so after changing you need to
> restart vlc in order to get them work (so having --reset-config in your
> startup will surely cause frustration). Also the loading of the hotkey
> menu in the gui is relatively slow.
> 12) Hotkey binding to multiple functions
> It's possible to bind the same key to multiple functions (first one
> works?). Can the gui block this and/or only show available keys?
> 13) VLC commandline output to file for windows (show all commands) is
> broken
> It's not possible to redirect all vlc commandline options into a text
> file under windows since it opens an extra window.
> But WIKI is here to help out:
> http://wiki.videolan.org/index.php/VLC_command-line_help 
> Regards
> - D -
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