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Subject: [PATCH] m3u playlist import and export
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hi all!
i've recognized that loading and saving a m3u playlist does not use the
same EXTINF format.
In 0.8.1 the playlist entry's extra information was saved as:
Now, in 0.8.2 it's saved as:
   #EXTINF:time,artist - name

but during the load of a playlist and parsing the EXTINF-line the part 
of the artist was neglected.
i've corrected this misbehavior as follows:
   * The delimiter character between time, artist and title is the comma!
   * If the artist contains a comma, the comma is escaped by a 
backslash during export
   * of course the newly introduced escape charater "backslash" will 
also be escaped
   * in the Demux-function the artist *and* the title are parsed and 
handled separatly
   * the artist will be unescaped and set by vlc_input_item_AddInfo()

the patch file comes as attachment and i hope you check it in to svn 
tree after revision.

i'd be glad to receive any feedback.

Best regards,
Daniel Straenger

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