[vlc-devel] Problems with variables

oscar perez oscarfernando.perez at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 21:30:34 CEST 2005

Hi everyone!
I am trying to use the global variables "video-y" and "video-x" for X11. I 
want to use it in VLM with several streams with a configuration file such 
new channel1 broadcast enabled 
setup channel1 input /home/mostro/1.mpg 
setup channel1 option video-x=50 
setup channel1 option video-y=50 
setup channel1 output #display
new channel2 broadcast enabled

setup channel2 input /home/mostro/2.mpg
setup channel2 option video-x=100 
setup channel2 option video-y=100
setup channel2 output #display 
new channel3 broadcast enabled

and so on..
The problem is (I suppose) multithreading. I have created variables 
inheriting from video-x and video-y in x11 but when I display its value 
sometimes it is correct. Sometimes it is not. Let's say that with 3 streams 
(so 3 video-x and 3 video-y differents) (50,50) - (100,100) and (200,200) 
sometimes it displays 50,50 - 100,100 - 200,200 but most often shows 
something like 100,100 - 100,100 - 100,100 or 50,50-100,100-100,100. I guess 
that the solution should be to put a mutex somewhere but I got lost in the 
source code. Can anybody help me? Thanks!
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