[vlc-devel] problem in http interface

Marco Munderloh Marco.Munderloh at web.de
Mon Aug 15 23:25:36 CEST 2005


i would like to mention a problem in the http interface
(modules/control/http.c). If ?control=play is called without an item
specified, nothing is played. I would prefer to play at least the first
(or next) item in the playlist.

The current behaviour makes the usage a lot mor coplicate and breaks the
functionality of a lot of programs using vlc (dbox neutrino movieplayer
for example).

Maybe it could be done something like this (don't no if this works):

2076: uri_extract_value( p_request, "item", item, 512 );
2077: i_item = atoi( item );
2078: playlist_Control( p_sys->p_playlist, PLAYLIST_ITEMPLAY,
2079:                   i_item ? playlist_ItemGetById (
p_sys->p_playlist, i_item )
2080:                   : playlist_ItemGetByPos( p_sys->p_playlist, 0 ) );
2081: msg_Dbg( p_intf, "requested playlist item: %i", i_item );

CU Marco

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