[vlc-devel] Help! H.264 file cannot be read

Jie CHEN jie.chen at sjtu.edu.cn
Sat Aug 20 07:42:42 CEST 2005


It is said that VLC Player v 0.8.2 can play H.264 file using ffmpeg module. But I found it doesn't work with the .264 files I encoded using either X264 or JM.
The parameters for X264 encoder are:
-q 28 -f50 -r1 -b2 -m5 -v -Apsub16x16 -o test.264 FileName.yuv 352x288

Both of the X264 and JM encoders are compiled under MS-Visual C++. Maybe that's the problem? I really need your help to know VLC's capability on supporting H.264. Thank you!


Besides, I used the Wizard of the VLC player to try video transcoding from an Mpeg2 file (.mpg) into H.264. It simply turned out to be an audio file! I think it's a bug of the interface...
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