[vlc-devel] Re: Regarding trac ticket #71

CUTMAN ~CW~ cutmancw at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 21 09:22:58 CEST 2005

as for the GUI selection..

there is no ticket on that, but 2 forum threads..

here's apotential solution(links for forum as well):

gibalou: shall I draw up a ticket?
can you answer the question as to whether it is much more coding to 
implement a more thorough solution such as a scrolledWindow in one of the 
sections, or on the whole dialog?

What should the solution be? some reformatting? or redesigning?


>From: Marian Durkovic <md at bts.sk>
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>To: vlc-devel at videolan.org
>Subject: [vlc-devel] Re: Regarding trac ticket #71
>Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 10:42:02 +0200
> > > Unfortunately, e.g. the Windows GUI only has the option to use raw
> > > UDP while RTP/UDP is missing - so most users use raw UDP even if
> > > RTP/UDP would work better.
> >
> > That's true. That said, I don't expect users to enter RTP urls manually
> > so often.
>That's a pity, but I think it's easy to fix:
>When user selects UDP in Stream output dialog, it fills the MRL with:
>i.e. it outputs RAW/UDP. But when the MRL is changed to access=rtp,
>it outputs RTP/UDP.
>So in fact we'd only need a selector in the GUI's UDP line, which will 
>the user to select RTP/UDP or RAW/UDP (or an on/off "RTP" button)
>with the default setting to use RTP, and a small change in SAP announcer
>to fill SAPs with "m=video .... RTP/AVP 33" in case of RTP/UDP.
>That will bring the majority of users to the RTP world :-)
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