[vlc-devel] Re: vlc: svn commit r12311 (sam)

C.Y.M cym at syphir.sytes.net
Sun Aug 21 23:13:36 CEST 2005

Subversion daemon wrote:
> r12311 | sam | 2005-08-21 18:38:17 +0200 (Sun, 21 Aug 2005) | 2 lines
> Changed paths:
>    M /trunk
>    M /trunk/debian/changelog
>    M /trunk/debian/control
>    M /trunk/debian/patches/00list
>    M /trunk/debian/rules
>   * updated Debian build files

Please apply these additional changes to /trunk/debian/rules.  The first change
is required to generate the necessary header files for building VLC (else the
build will fail with missing src/misc/modules_builtin.h).  The second change is
required because GNOMEDIR does not exist in the "debian/wxvlc" directory.  Also,
wxvlc has nothing to do with Gnome. Both changes are necessary else the build
will fail.

@@ -129,6 +140,7 @@

        # Build only VLC, with the non-PIC libs
+       ./toolbox --update-includes
        $(MAKE) include/vlc_symbols.h
        cd modules && AM_MAKEFLAGS='plugin=no pic=no' $(MAKE)
        $(MAKE) vlc
@@ -310,7 +322,8 @@
        mv debian/vlc/usr/bin/wxvlc debian/wxvlc/usr/bin/
        ln -s vlc debian/wxvlc/usr/share/doc/wxvlc
        cp debian/vlc/$(VIDDIR)/vlc.xpm debian/wxvlc/$(VIDDIR)/wxvlc.xpm
-       cp debian/vlc.desktop debian/wxvlc/$(GNOMEDIR)
+       mkdir debian/wxvlc/usr/share/applications
+       cp debian/vlc.desktop debian/wxvlc/usr/share/applications/
        mv debian/vlc/usr/lib/vlc/gui/libwxwidgets_plugin.so \
        ln -s vlc.1.gz debian/wxvlc/usr/share/man/man1/wxvlc.1.gz

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