[vlc-devel] getting vout window size

mike lee mikelee at avantwave.com
Mon Aug 22 05:58:39 CEST 2005

Dear all
    I am writing a plugin for vlc in order to control the server side.
One of my feature is to manage position of mouse click on the screen,
but before this, i need to know the window size . Below is the code
segment i used to get the window size, but it fail to achieve my goal
and i_width ,i_height return -1.
    Could anyone tell me what is wrong with my code?

        vout_thread_t *p_vout = vlc_object_find(p_this,VLC_OBJECT_VOUT,
        var_Get( p_vout, "width", &val );
        i_width = val.i_int;
        var_Get( p_vout, "height", &val );
        i_height = val.i_int;


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