[vlc-devel] VLM bug

oscar perez oscarfernando.perez at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 15:55:23 CEST 2005

Hi everybody,
When I tried to use vlm for handling several inputs/outputs I noticed that 
there was a problem storing the options along with the input.
It is fairly easy to reproduce. First off, it is needed to create one config 
file such as the attached. With this file in the vlc folder, just it is 
needed to run the command..: ./vlc -I telnet --vlm-conf multivlc.conf
After running the command several times, the results look like kind of 
random and I bet this is because of the "too eager" creation of the 
I also attached the solution I came up with.
 The xcommon.c is just for debugging so it is not even worth a look. The 
vlm.c now grabs all the options perfectly to me. It was 2 issues. 1st is 
that for the option of reading a file they used vlm_ExecuteCommand and 
afterwards reading a command in Load they use ExecuteCommand which is the 
same but without mutex. It should be the other way around, not creating a 
mutex per config file but per command. The other issue is that at the 
beginning is created a new thread which runs the function manage. This 
function is loaded as soon as one instance is created (with the command 
play) but the problem is that a thread is also created and we must leave a 
certain time before creating this thread in order to guarantee that the 
options go along with the input. Doing a msleep works just fine to me. I am 
aware it is not the most correct solution, though..
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