[vlc-devel] Re: libiconv problem on internationalized text

Christophe Massiot massiot at via.ecp.fr
Sat Aug 27 01:56:49 CEST 2005

At 23:25 +0300 26/08/05, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
>Le Vendredi 26 Août 2005 21:33, Christophe Massiot a écrit :
>>  I have been reported a problem with charsets. It occurs when the
>>  interface uses another charset than UTF-8, for instance the HTTP
>>  interface with --http-charset=ISO-8859-1, and I believe text
>>  interfaces such as rc are also in trouble if the local charset isn't
>>  UTF-8.
>I still don't really see the point of customizing the charset in HTTP.
>If you support HTML, you have to support UTF-8, and even IE does
>support it.

You're thinking of PCs, I'm talking of embedded web-browsers. 
Embedded platforms have a lot of requirements in code size and 
memory, and they don't want to embarrass themselves with Unicode. At 
least, the Freebox embedded web-browser only supports and will only 
support Latin-1.

>As for rc and ncurses, I would assume the problem is that these
>interfaces have not been ported to the new UTF-8-only core yet, so they
>don't translate their I/O while they should.

They do translate their IO, the problem is that libiconv is not 
always able to translate the characters. The unicode quote is not 
translate to Latin-1.

>  > In our po files, written in UTF-8, the character for the single quote
>>  isn't "'", but a Unicode quote â??. When asking for a conversion to
>>  Latin-1, iconv fails and says there is no equivalent for the
>>  character. Thus UTF-8 is output and it looks ugly.
>I assume you are referring to the French localization. I'd rather keep
>the nice French quotes. By the way, when I tell iconv to translate
>"«something»" (UTF8) to Latin9, I simply get "something", not something
>with ugly stuff around... so that again point to rc and ncurses lacking
>some ToLocale() calls.

I don't think they do. Just try to convert with vlc_icon() _("Sample 
rate") in French locale to Latin-1. You'll get an error message from 
libiconv because of the single quote in "Débit d'échantillons"

Christophe Massiot.

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